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We Have Helped Many NZ Businesses to Generate Their Own Power

Want to know more on how we can help your business

Together we will renew the true definition of “sustainability”.

SuperPower is a renewable energy company, that takes “sustainability” very seriously. We understand that each company decides to invest in sustainably differently. Our belief is that renewable energy is an integral part of the overall business model, and as part of that model, we want to support all businesses to maintain, encourage and profit from their decision on sustainability.

The time is NOW to make SOLAR a key piece of your company’s sustainable business initiative.

Trimming costs and increasing your profits is key to delivery on your company’s promises to customers, investors and employees. Renewable energy projects for your company could also see an immediate profit within the 1st year.

We understand that you need to maintain budgets and work within restraints specific to your industry, which is why we offer unique finance terms and flexible contract lengths. We will work with you to help decide which solar power system will best fit your business from design and layout. We also offer competitive lease options.


Cost Positive from Day Dot


Increase your profits


Trim utility costs


Competitive Lease Options

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Reduce Air Pollution

Rooftop solar does not pollute the air

Conserve Water Usage

Water is a precious, we can help repurpose it for better use

Reduce dependence on finite resources

An Average Kiwi home uses 7000 kWh/year, that is equal to burning 1,134 kgs of coal each year

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