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Thought you could not afford energy efficiency equipment, think again


No upfront payment


Save up to 60%
Reduce Energy costs now


Pay in installments


Enjoy Instant

Superpower and Energy Ease have partnered to bring you easy finance options that will help you achieve your sustainability goals.


Gain Greater Cost Control

Is your business at the whim of the increasingly volatile energy market? Energy efficient equipment such solar panels give you control over your energy costs and your own P&L.


Save immediately and be cash flow positive.

Once the equipment is installed, your energy bills will be lower. In most cases, electricity bill savings are greater than the payments. So you are likely to be cash-flow positive from the outset.*

Your equipment supplier can crunch your numbers so you can see the business case for yourself.

* Savings depend on several factors which your equipment supplier will discuss with you.


Free up capital with $0 upfront

We know energy efficiency equipment isn’t essential to your core business. We get it. With $0 upfront investment, our highly competitive payment plans allow you to invest in other areas that are critical to business growth – such as technology, sales and marketing.

Our Payment Plans

  • For equipment valued between $3k and $5 million

  • Up to 10-year terms

  • Instant pre-approval for transactions up to $150k^ (with no financials)

  • $0 upfront, highly competitive plans

  • Payments may be fully tax deductible

We wanted to invest in solar but couldn’t get the CAPEX allocated for another 12 months. And we didn’t want to wait. So when we learnt that we could go on a payment plan, we didn’t hesitate. We paid for it out of our operating budget which meant that our liabilities didn’t increase. And since our energy savings offset our payments straight away, the transaction was cash flow positive from the start.

Geoff Renenneberg – Treasury & Compliance Manager

Virbac Australia – Global veterinary product supplier

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